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one at a time

"What happens when our body is formed and we form other bodies? What chain reaction takes place and what does it rely on? In "ONE AT A TIME..." seven dancers* show how much trust, flexibility, creativity and determination it takes to fully engage in mutual body forms. But the piece also reflects on the fact that many interactions in daily life are determined by others and that this trust can be broken at any time, especially if there is a disability in the room. However, a diverse, well-rehearsed ensemble makes it clear that self-determination, mutual dependencies and respect are issues that are not only central when it comes to disability. Rather, the piece impressively demonstrates that disability can serve as a catalyst to think about what makes us individuals and what connects us."
Nina Mühlemann, Disability and Performance Scientist


10./11. November 2019 NO LIMITS Festival, Berlin, Germany
13. June 2019 Dance Week Festival, Rijeka, Croatia
11. June 2019 Dance Week Festival, Zagreb, Croatia
29. November & 1. Dezember 2018 Unmute ArtsAbility, Cape Town, South Africa
24./26./27./28. & 29. Oktober 2018 Roxy Birsfelden, Basel, CH
21. October 2018 Zeughauskultur, Brig, CH
12./13./14. October 2018 Dampzentrale, Bern, CH


concept Alessandro Schiattarella & Beweggrund
duration 40 minutes
coreography Alessandro Schiattarella
performers Gavriela Antonopoulou, Giuseppe Comuniello, Alice Giuliani, Nadine McKenzie, Mzamo Nondlwana, Aline Serrano, Laila White
dramaturgy Jonas Gillmann
music Marco Guglielmetti, Ambra Viviani
light design Thomas Giger
costumes Salome Egger
set design -
production ​Kathrin Walde
tour managment Kathrin Walde
administration Dominique Cardito
premiere Dampfzentrale Bern, October 2018

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