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Altrove is a movement score for a re-invented body. Diagnosed with a neurodegenerative disease causing a gradual atrophy of the nerves and muscles in his hands, Alessandro began imagining the condition would spread to his limbs and estrange him from his own body and senses. Altrove explores movement beyond the amplitude of the familiar gesture. In this delicate solo the audience witnesses the creative response of a body breaking free from its own limits.


21./22. February 2019 Temporada Alta Festival, Lima, Peru
1. December 2018 Artsability Festival, Cape Town, South Africa
22. November 2018 GATI Dance Forum, Chaumukh National School of Drama, New Delhi, India
14. November 2018 Adishakti, Pondicherry, India
27. September 2018 Tanzfaktor, Südpol Luzern, CH
21./22. September 2018 Tanzfaktor, Fabriktheater Zürich, CH
13./15 September 2018 Tanzfaktor, THL Sierre, CH
13./22. August 2018 BRAVE Festival Wroclaw (Breslau) PL
08. June 2018 Tanzfaktor, Dampfzentrale Bern, CH
05./06. June 2018 Tanzfaktor, Hiver de Danses, TPR La Chaux de Fonds, CH
30./31. May 2018 Tanzfaktor, Roxy Birsfelden, Basel CH
24. May 2018 Tanzfaktor, Tanzzeit-Zeittanz Chur, CH
19. May 2018 Sommerblut Kulturfestival, Köln, Germany
06./07 April 2018 Tanzfaktor, Performa Festival Losone, CH
22./23 March 2018 Tanzfaktor, Phönix Theater Steckborn, CH
17 March 2018 Tanzfaktor, Zeughauskultur Brig, CH
08./09 March 2018 Tanzfaktor, Théâtre de l'Usine Genève CH
03./04. March 2018 TWO BE TO ONE, Seoul, South Korea
08. January 2018 3rd Korea International Accessible Dance Festival KIADA, Seoul, South Korea
7. December 2017 nATFEST, Colombo, Sri Lanka
5. December 2017 nATFEST, Jaffna, Sri Lanka
10. October 2017 Albedo creative platform, Beirut, Lebanon
28. July 2017 Tanzfaktur, Köln, Germany
19. May 2017 New Baltic Dance, Vilnius, Lithuania
28./30. April 2017 Aerowaves Spring Forward Festival Aarhus Danemark
10.May.2016 Quelli che la danza, Napoli, Italy
20./21. November 2014 Mixed Pickles, Roxy Birsfelden, Basel CH
29./31. July 2012 PARADE, Utrecht NL
10.-13. July 2012 FETE DE LA DANSE, Fribourg/Freiburg CH
18. May 2012 OPEN DANS, Rotterdam NL


concept Alessandro Schiattarella
duration 20 minutes
coreography Alessandro Schiattarella
performers Alessandro Schiattarella
dramaturgy Alessandro Schiattarella
music Godspeed you! Black Emperor
light design Alessandro Schiattarella
costumes Alessandro Schiattarella
set design Alessandro Schiattarella
production -
tour managment Kathrin Walde
administration Dominique Cardito
premiere (2nd Version) ROXY Birsfelden November 2014

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